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An Honest & Experienced Overview Of The Building Is Extremely Important In The Pre-Purchase Or Sale Of Your Property.

I am Stephen Rowley, the owner of BPP Inspections. I will inspect, explain, then report on the condition and structural integrity of your building. 

You will be given support prior to and following an informative, photogenic and easy to read report. You will receive this report within 24 hours.

Operating with integrity and understanding the trust you require for your purchase. 

Stephen Rowley

Inspector and Contact

The Inspection You Get Onsite.

Generally the inspection starts at the meter box for relevant building information. Followed by the roof (where applicable), the building, the exterior walls, gardens and fences.

Interior inspection starts at the front door, turning left then following the walls and floorplan. Each wall and ceiling is lit up with a bright glancing light which will initially highlight defects and repairs. This is followed by a second lap using a ball end tapper on the timber trims and an electronic moisture meter on the flat wall surfaces. 

In any workplace, sporting event or personal life, a positive attitude will always deliver the best results.

I enjoy and I am confident in my job. It take it seriously, as I understand the trust you have placed in me, and the responsibility that I owe you. 

I am proudly a carpenter by trade. I have held a trade contractor licence with an unblemished record.

The original licence number is a low early number of 78217. The licence number for BPP Inspections is 1505 7425.

I have current public liability and construction works insurance through Master Builders – No 2022-C013778-74896.

You should note that a building pest inspection is an inspection of the visible areas only. It is not a guarantee, an insurance policy or a warranty. Some problems may only be apparent once the house is lived in or once the property is vacant. This applies to all inspection companies.

I will guarantee an expert look at the fundamentals with every effort to uncover or predict attempts to conceal defects.

Time is spent on your report to suit your building. A report completed during the inspection & delivered as a “same-day report” will most likely be a generic tick and flick report. I reduce the repetitive nature and confusion by offering a report tailored to the specific building delivered within 24 hours. 

It is extremely important to understand the report and conditions surrounding it. Defects presented in the report require understanding to determine the action or acceptance. 

Do not let agents or vendors explain the simplicity or common nature of defects. I will do my best to offer options for the management of defects. 

I am confident in my findings and will support you if another involved party wishes to disagree on defects presented. 

As an owner operator of BPP Inspections I have a vested interest in delivering quality results.

There is much to be gained from this type of business. I look for reasons to inspect as much as is physically and safely possible. The limits of the inspection can be identified on a per building basis. 

I am fit and agile, so I can crawl through ceilings and will climb on a roof if I feel it safe and necessary. I will move owner items to get to critical areas eg. behind showers. 

As I am the only inspector and employee, you get no miscommunication between staff members. This includes calling after hours or over the weekend. You will always get to speak to myself, the inspector who was onsite and completed the report. 

I am happy and able to answer your questions. The more time you spend at the property prior to purchase increases the ability to identify with and learn the building. 

Issues and answers to your questions identified during the inspection can be physically explained. Restrictions from safety or the fully furnished nature of a building can be exampled and explained. 

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