Termite Inspection Dog

To improve our management of termites inspections regarding restrictions and expectations, we are in the process of training a dog for termite detection by indicating on their odour.  We are still in the initial stages of site training but are seeing great results on our modelled training and site introductions so far. We will be introducing  “MINI The Dog” to the inspections of an empty building at this stage where permission is given.

Why Use A Termite Inspection Dog Like Mini?

Why Not? Dogs have been used for detection work for centuries. Dogs are still used for detection work and many of us have seen them at airports, military and police demonstrations.

In short, humans have an estimated 6 million olfactory (sensory) receptors in our nose. Dogs possess over 220 million. So, proportionally speaking, that’s 30 to 40 times stronger. Not only that, but dogs also have a much larger portion of their brain dedicated to their sense of smell.

Why Don’t More Companies Use A Termite Inspection Dog?

Time and cost would be the biggest reason why a big company would not use a dog in a building and pest inspection scenario. We have invested a considerable amount of time and money to achieve the results we are seeing, and will continue development.

The vendors house will sometimes prove to be an issue. When we are engaged by the purchaser of a building, the vendor (seller) is a third party to us and holds the right of refusal. We cannot argue in this situation. We will still carry out a normal building and pest inspection and exceed minimum standards.

Termite Detection Dog Restrictions

Mini has been encouraged to roam freely, so an autonomous off lead “hunter/indicator” is the end result. This will of course have its restrictions:

  • Whilst lovely and sociable, we will refrain from and ignore all human interaction throughout the search. This may involve you leaving the room. Once reward is offered “all pats are on”.
  • Unfortunately we can not socialise Mini with your pets. Due to the hunt and chase nature bred into this line of dogs, all dogs and cats must be removed from the area. Little ones for their safety, large ones for our safety. We are strict on this as better safe than sorry. All food and toys belonging to your pet must also be removed.
  • Mini lives with young children aged 2 and 5, so is proven at home. Interaction with children will be strict, but encouraged as a reward for Mini and learning for children.
  • Mini will only be used to detect termites inside buildings unless we can visually identify perfect fencing and a well maintained yard. A new environment for an off the lead dog with a high chase drive has potential risks for neighbours pets. Individual property risk assessment will take place.
  • A dog is a dog. Whilst we are nearing the end of the “puppy” stage, we will always ask that any irreplaceables are moved. Fragile items that can be bumped or children’s favourite teddy’s etc. Again, Mini is respectable in our house but better safe than sorry.
  • At home we have has no issue with toilet training Mini to go outside. That is not to say that one day an incident won’t occur. At this point we will pick up, carry on and ignore it. We will carry a wipe up kit and deodoriser just in case. Mini is fed quality whole food and is easily picked up after.
  • Kitchen and meal areas will require a quick scan or sweep of the floor to remove any food scraps before the termite inspection.
  • Rat baits or pellets are an issue and we need you to have a good recollection of where and when they were last used. We will be doing our standard pest inspection prior to Mini entering the building, so we will also identify and remove these if found unless they are in an approved and professional bait station.

Increased Level Of Detection

No building and pest inspection will ever guarantee that active termites or damage does not exist in inaccessible areas of the building. For example, inside walls and confined roof spaces. A pest inspection done to Australian standards involves the measuring of the wall surface with a moisture meter, tapping of the soft timbers with a weighted ball on a stick and a visual inspection across the wall surface with a torch. This is of course limited by access to the wall in a furnished building.

In a furnished or occupied building the measurable wall surface can sometimes be as low as 10% due to furniture and storage. Our goal with the trained dog is to manage this risk with another level of termite detection being odour. A small dog is able to run under a bed or weave through garage storage for example.

Videos Of Mini The Termite Detection Dog

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